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Scuba on Maui to The Cathedrals at the Island of Lanai is one of the most facinating dives that can be done.Scuba Maui will give some of the best underwater scuba Maui diving experiences in the Pacific accessed from the Mainland in just as little as five hours by air. When you scuba Maui, the diving ranges from seeing large Lava Tube openings at Lanai to a crater that is just above the water that is called Molokini Crater. When you go to Lanai one can dive the Cathedrals which 15 to 20 divers can dive into to explore the 2 story ceilings and also explore the inside walls where fish, eel and Marine Life can be found. This dive is for novice as well as advanced divers. The depths here range from 60 to 75 feet. This dive is one that should not be missed. Molokini Crater, lies just above the water and is very popular for snorkeling and diving. The water is normally deep blue and visibility is usually 100 to 200 feet with mild to moderate currents. At times, large manta rays can be found swimming in the inside of the crater. Molokini Crater is one of Hawaii's marine conservation areas. Many species of fish and eels can be seen here in the shallower waters of the crater. The outside of the crater slopes down to depths exceeding 350 feet. This dive is usually a drift dive due to moderate to strong currents. Divers should have a minimum of 20-30 dives to do the outside of the crater due to these currents. On this dive large pelagic animals may be seen if they are passing by while you are diving there. It is possible to see a large whale shark on this dive. Any large animal that is passing the Crater while you are diving will probably be seen. We have boats that leave daily from Lahaina and Kihei to explore these reefs. Reservations for these trips should be made in advance to assure your space on the boat. The boats do fill fast especially certain times of the year.
     Hawaii also has many of the finest reefs accessed from the shoreline. These reefs are in depths from 25 to 50 feet. Many species of fish as well as turtles, rays and eel are seen while diving these reefs. Most of the Marine animals are in the shallower depths. Visibility is usually in the 80-100 foot range most of the time. Bottom times are greater due to the shallower depths. More sunlight reaches these reefs at these depths which makes for more growth on the reef. More sunlight = more growth = more fish + added bottom time = better experience. Underwater photos are very good at these depths due to more sunlight. You may want to consider renting a camera or having the instructor take a roll of pictures of you and your family. This will give you and your family a remembrance of your Hawaii dives. Combine this with the most knowledgeable dive leaders and you have a package full of fun. contact us. 

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