Five Caves

  Maximum depth is about 45 feet. This is a popular diving area. Sometimes dive boats may be seen here. There is plenty of parking and there are showers and rest rooms. There is a high  concentration of turtles, sometimes Eagle rays, and lots of the regular reef fish. Caves are along the shoreline where white tip reef sharks sometimes sleep. The 5 Caves entrance is rocky, be prepared. If there is a west  swell diving can be hazardous. There are a lot of underwater caves that can trap an unwary diver. Five Caves is located about 3 miles south of Kihei just north of the historic Keawala'i Church. Travel along Wailea Alanui Road until you reach the Makena Surf Resort. Just after the  Makena Surf Resort is a paved access road. Turn  right on this road and drive about 1/10 of a mile. There is a small  graveyard off on the side of the road. This is the Five Caves site. You can park in the dirt area along the road or in the small  unpaved parking area. You can also continue on the road for another 1/10 of a mile to a park and small boat landing. This is Makena Landing. There is a paved parking lot here, generally with plenty of parking if you get there early. The facilities,  restrooms and showers, are also at this location. At Five Caves, there are no facilities. The scuba diving and snorkeling is great around Five Caves. The small beach here is a popular place with local  families. Snorkeling and diving is good. There is a surface swim to the clear water areas on the outside of the bay. The 5 Caves area has great snorkeling and scuba diving close to the parking area. Be careful if there is a strong wave surge. The entrance at 5 Caves "funnels" the water, and can make the entrance dangerous. The Five Caves site can be very dangerous when there is a large west  swell. The current off shore can be very strong and has  been known to make a 180 degree turn unexpectedly. Caution should be used when swimming, snorkeling, or diving. At the Makena Landing the waves can be a problem even though the current is not. If the waves are coming in big, don't go in the surf.                             

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