Wailea Beach

  Maximum depth is about 40 feet. One  of the better shore dives in Wailea area. There are no facilities to speak of, parking is by the side of the road. Wailea Beach is located behind the Grand Wailea and Four Seasons Resort (s), just to the south of the Wailea Shopping Village. Beach parking  is adjacent to the Shopping Village parking. There is also parking off a access road just south of the shopping village. This part of the shoree line is not easy to get to for people not staying at the hotels and as a result is not used much by the local people. There are no lifeguards at this location. The beach is beautiful with a wide sandy area, shade, and good  snorkeling and swimming. This is a wonderful beach for the family if staying at the hotels. Swimming is excellent, with gently sloping sandy bottoms. Shore break  is rarely a problem unless a south west swell develops. When this occurs then it is wise not to enter the water.  The beach is generally safe except when waves are striking directly  from the west. In the afternoon the Trade Winds can get pretty brisk, and can make for some fast currents offshore. There are occasionally  jellyfish and man-o-wars on the beach or in the water, this is infrequent, but happens. Normally, there will be a sign up if there is a serious problem.                                                                      

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