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         Maui scuba certifications classes with Maui scuba diving, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, will give you the most fun and educating experience with Instructors trained by the Padi Association to receive your Padi Maui scuba certifications certificate. Our prices are competitive to say the least. We don't use "NEW" Instructors that are gaining the "BASIC" certifying experience with every class they teach, we use seasoned well trained Padi Instructors so you are not given any wrongful information. When you finish your training you will be a confident well trained diver. We will give Instruction to no more than four people per class unless we have a family of five or six which gives you a more personal touch in training. The Instruction is performed in the most Professional manner. We have a course completion rate of 100% for every one who has started training with us. You will be guaranteed course completion. 

The class is three fun filled days so you don't have to spend your complete vacation in training. Day one is registration and academics, day two is confined water training and the first two Open Water Dives. In your open water dives you will be given skills to do by your instructor that you have learned in the confined water portion of the class. By this time you should start to feel comfortable with the equipment and the instructor. The third and final day consists of the last two Open Water Dives, your final examination and graduation. At this time you will be issued your Padi Card so you can join on boat diving, diving with friends and family. This Padi Certification is recognized where ever you may go. You will be proud that you are a member of the largest diving training association in the world. Equipment purchases and air fills will become easy because of being a certified Padi diver. No one any where will ever question a well trained Padi diver. You will be proud to show your Padi dive card to whoever may ask to see it. The title of open water diver will be yours forever and you may decide to continue your training to Advanced diver or higher.

   Another type of course completion is called a referral. A referral is where you start your training  at home and complete your training here in Hawaii in warm waters. This completion takes only six hours divided in two days. This is the way to spend the least amount time from your vacation. One can complete the course here with the proper documents from your previous Instructor. You will need to bring all signed documents from your initial training so your instructor will know where you have stopped your training. After your final training you will receive a temporary dive card that will be good for ninety days. You will be able to enjoy boat dives beach diving, etc. We have competitive pricing for a top scuba company. When your training is complete you can dive with your friends or spouse. Referrals are popular here. This is the least amount of time that you will spend completing your certification. Click the link below to learn more.

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