Discover Scuba or Introductory Scuba lessons are held several times daily. This training takes 40-45 minutes and prepares the non certified diver for an exciting Supervised dive on Turtle Reef to dive with the turtles. The training consist of academics and than equipment training to get comfortable with equipment use. Once comfortable than the exciting Supervised dive takes place on Turtle Reef. The total time for this program with the dive is 3.5 hours. At this point your certified spouse or friends will be able to join you on a dive to be photographed with Turtles. This will be the best activity that you will do while on vacation. Afterwards if full certification is what you desire than the training and the dive can be used toward your certification. This program is very popular in Hawaii. The total cost for the program includes training, the dive and use of all equipment. The cost is :  $ 89.00. Check out our Introductory Dive Packages to save. 

This is a typical sighting on Turtle Reef. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is the most common to frequent the reefs. There is another species named the Hawksbill that is seen on occasions while visiting the reef. The turtles are very friendly and great photos like the one shown are taken on most dives. They are an endangered species so no touching or riding is permitted. The sightings are usually the most exciting part of most dives. When these animals look at you it is if they are saying, Please come back often to visit me. One dive with them and you will want to visit them frequently. They are one of the most enjoyable animals to watch.  


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