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Green Sea Turtle: The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is the most common of the sea turtles. These gentle creatures are frequented on the reefs very often. They are on the endangered list so only observation is permitted. They are found in the coral caves and sometimes just in the sand. The average size observed on the reefs is 30 to 250 pounds, they can grow to be in the 300 to 400 pound range. 

Frogfish: The Frogfish is one of the most difficult to locate on the reef. Their porous like skin resembles sponge more than it does fish scales. Anglerfish is another name for the frogfish due to the fishing pole these fish possess. The fishing pole has a small, fleshy, piece of bait on the end and is used as a lure to attract smaller, curious fish which the frogfish swallows at lightning speed. The skin of the frogfish promotes growth of algae, which provides camouflage. Frogfish periodically shed the algae growth by replacing their outer skin cells. These fish are able to change colors so as to masterfully match their surroundings. Frogfish are sedentary, but if necessary they can swim along the bottom or even mid-water. Part of their propulsion is accomplished by the use of one small opening behind each pectoral fin. This opening enables the individual to propel water out and functions as a mini "jet" to facilitate their slow and clumsy stumbling across the reef. Frogfish will also use the motion of their tails to move if they desire more speed. Either way is not fast. Eggs are rafted into a gelatinous mass which is released into the current. Frogfish are often found on the walls of finger reefs. Usually found in moderate depths, 25-70 ft. As you learn the pattern of the reef you will increase your odds of locating a frogfish. Their average size is 7-10 inches and are found at depths from 10-100+ ft. They are found in Indo-Pan-Pacific.

Porcupine Puffer: The average size is 22-25 inches. They are found at depths of 10-100ft. They are found from Hawaii, Japan and Southern California to Easter Island.. You can find them either hiding in caves or under ledges during the day, or free swimming high in the water column. This species forages for food during the night. Porcupine fish are very similar to puffers, the main difference being their retractable spines. When threatened this species will puff up displaying long spines for defense.

Flame Angel: The average size is 2-3 inches. They are found at 15-100ft depths. They are found in areas of rich coral growth. Flame Angelfish like areas that are calm most of the time. This is a very difficult fish to get a very good look at due to its shyness. Often observed scurrying in and out of the finger coral. They are found from Palau to Hawaii.