Honolua Bay: This Bay is excellent for intermediate divers and snorkelers. Beautiful reef to both the left and right side of the bay. A narrow black sand beach for sunbathing. All in all, it's a beautifully protected bay with a good variety of typical reef fish to check out. Turtles frequent the area. No spearing, for it's a game preserve. Depths are to 35 feet. Divers should go out to the right for deeper water while snorkelers can find shallower water to the left in about the twenty foot range.      BACK TO DIVE SITES   or  PHOTOS

KAPALUA BAY: This site is good for intermediate divers and snorkelers. Out to the right side of the bay there are three lava fingers that extend out to seaward. Depths to 40 feet can be expected. There are lava formations as much as 25 feet from the sand. There is a good variety of typical reef fish and a frequent turtle can be spotted. Kapalua Bay is fronted by a really beautiful sand beach. It's a nice place to relax and warm up after a dive.      BACK TO DIVE SITES  or PHOTOS

AIRPORT BEACH: This site is good for intermediate divers and snorkelers. The main reef is in about 23 feet of water. Many typical reef fish as well as turtles can be found here. This site is noted for its calm clear water most of the year. There is a public park with picnic tables and grills. Public restrooms are also available. You can expect to frequently see many divers here due to the calm clear water.         BACK TO DIVE SITES or PHOTOS

BLACKROCK: GOOD FOR NIGHT DIVES:Located near the Sheraton  Hotel on Kaanapali Beach. This site is good for beginner divers and snorkelers. Depths are to 30 feet. An amazing number of fish species frequent this area, probably because of people feeding the fish. Green sea turtles and eagle rays may also be present. Beginner night dives are excellent here. Enter and just follow the wall around to the other side. The beaches are excellent. There are no facilities except for the Hotel.  BACK TO DIVE SITES or PHOTOS  

CANOE BEACH: This site is out in front of the Hyatt Hotel on Kaanapali Beach. Its good for intermediate divers and snorkelers. Depths are to 25 feet on the main reef. Access is easy and the beaches are great. Typical variety of reef fish are found here as well as green turtle and eagle ray sightings. Strong currents are sometimes present.     BACK TO DIVE SITES or PHOTOS

CATHEDRAL ONE: This is one of Lanai's best boat dives. This site can only be reached by boat to the south  side of the Island of Lanai. Its a one hour ride by boat from Lahaina Harbor. Depths are in the 55 - 60 foot range. The lava formation will hold around twenty divers with many exits toward the back side. The lighting from the sun is such that it looks like you are in a Cathedral. This dive should be one on your list, take your camera.

Molokini Crater: This is another very popular boat dive site for intermediate and advanced divers.  many snorkelers are taken here daily. The water is usually deep blue and clear, in the 100 -200 foot range. There are four dive sites inside the crater and also a dive along the back wall. Depths inside the crater range from 65 - 85 feet. The back wall dive can drop to the 450 foot depth. Divers are likely to see large mantas, sharks and  almost anything "big" diving the back wall. This is a Marine Reserve so many species of fish are seen here. Sometimes strong currents prevail here while diving the back wall which makes for an excellent drift dive.