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                               With Turtle Reef Divers

 Maui dive maps will show you the best places to plan on diving while visiting. This Maui Dive Map of our reefs where selected and put on the map below as being the most popular to go to. The reefs are shown on the West and South sides of the Island or the leeward side. The West side of the Island, in the Lahaina, Kaanapali Beach area and the South side, Kihei, Wailea area are where most of the resorts where most visitors will stay  makes it easy for one to access the reef areas easily. 

To learn about each reef click on it and you will be taken to an explanation about the reef as far as depth, marine life and location. Some sites will have pictures to show you just what to expect. This will assist you in knowing what our reefs have to offer and to help you to plan your diving while you are here on vacation. Boats leave from Kihei boat ramp and Mala Wharf in Lahaina daily to go to our outer reefs located at the Island of Lanai and to Molokini Crater. These are the most popular dives here.

The East side is the windward side and the sea being rough makes entrance most of the time a little dangerous. There are times in the summer when some of the reefs on the East side can be accessed due to the wind coming from the South. These dives would be for the "extreme" diver. Plenty of experience is needed for these dives due to not being able to drive close to your entry point and some of the entries being extremely difficult. 

 On the diagram below you can click on a site to get an explanation and a picture of the site. Most of the Marine Life will be seen on our inshore reefs to depths of twenty to fifty feet while the outer deeper reefs accessed by boats will show you some of the most fascinating lava and coral formations. Here you may possibly see larger animals passing by our Islands from mantas to a possible whale shark. In the deeper depths no one can guarantee these animals will be there but they have been seen many times by divers. Just remember that bottom times are shorter on deeper depths and you will not be guaranteed that you will see large animals.

 1-Honalua Bay                                   Most Popular Sites to Go To Maui Dive Map shows the best reefs to dive on our West side. Just click on the reef name to be given an explaination for that site.           
 2-Kapalua Bay
 3-Airport Beach
 4-Black Rock
 5- Marriot Reef
 6-Canoe Beach
 7- Mala Wharf
 8- Jodo Reef
11-Wailea Beach
12-Five Caves
13- Molokini Crater
14-Ahihi Bay
15-La Perouse Bay




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