Maui Scuba Diving With Turtle Reef Divers

 Maui Scuba Diving with Turtle Reef Divers has been serving visitors to Maui for over a decade. We pride our self on having one of the best scuba diving organizations located on Maui in the Lahaina, Kaanapali Beach area in Hawaii. Reservations should be made before arriving to secure your scuba diving days.

       Maui Scuba Diving can show you the most exciting reefs to scuba while visiting our Island.                     


Our boats will take you to the two most popular reefs. Molokini Crater or to the Island of Lanai. These dives are a must for divers coming to our Island. The trips have a 6:45a.m. check-in time and you will return around 11:15 a.m. You will than have the balance of the day to spend with your family or friends that are not certified.
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  1-1-Honalua Bay           
2-   Kapalua Bay
3-3-Airport Beach
4-4-Black Rock
5- Marriot Reef
 6-6 Canoe Beach
7- Mala Wharf
8- Jodo Reef
10- Papalua
11- Wailea Beach
12 -Five Caves
13- Molokini Crater
14- Ahihi Bay
15- La Perouse Bay


The map to the right shows the most popular shore dives. If you click on a Numbered Link in the left column you will find more information on that location. The beach dives include all equipment if needed. In Hawaii, you will see more Marine Life to depths of 50-55 feet. Turtles, eels, rays and many species of fish can be seen.
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These are the best shore dives available


You can become a fully certified scuba diver in just three fun filled days. We keep the classes to a max of four unless we have a family, than a max of six can be trained. We always have Certification specials available to save you money.


You can complete your last four Open Water check-out dives here in just two three hour days. All you will need is your signed paperwork from your initial instructor.
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  Turtle Reef Divers has been serving visitors on our Island for over a decade. We pride our self on having one of the best organizations located in the Lahaina, Kaanapali Beach area in Hawaii. All of our classes are taught by seasoned Instructors to teach you the proper information. Our water skills are taught in a confined shallow water area of the ocean. This shows you the environment that you will be in. I have found in the past that pool training can present a major problem of over anxiety when students go to the ocean to complete the class or go on an underwater tour after their certification is complete.
Our boat tours are also led by seasoned Instructors and Dive-Masters for your safety. The boat tours leave daily with a check-in time of 6:45a.m. and you will return back to the dock around 11:00 am to 11:30a.m. Our boat tours leave daily to Molokini Crater leaving from the Kihei area and to the Island of Lanai leaving from the Lahaina area. Molokini Crater is a Marine reserve while Lanai is known for its underwater Lava formations. You should reserve your days before arriving here. Depending on the time of the year the dive schedules are booked three days to one week in advance. You can reserve your tours by booking on-line.

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