Maui Scuba Certifications in just three fun filled days of training. Your Padi Certification will be recognized world-Wide. Come join the fun, become a Padi Certified Diver.

Maui Scuba Certifications




Maui scuba certifications classes with Maui scuba diving will give you the most educating experience with experienced Padi Instructors trained by the Padi Association. Maui scuba certifications does not use NEW Instructors that are just gaining the BASIC experience with every class they teach, we use well seasoned well trained Padi Instructors so you are not given any wrongful information. We will give Instruction to no more than four people in one class which gives you a more personal touch in training and you get to know your Instructor well. The Instruction is performed in the most Professional manner with the most patient Padi Instructors. You will enjoy the three fun filled days of training with your instructor. Upon completion you will have had some of the best instruction in the world.

 The class is three days. Day one is registration and Academics, day two is confined water training where you will learn many basic underwater dive skills. This training is done in a confined area in shallow depths. You will be taught to become very comfortable with each and every dive skill to make you a more efficient diver. After the confined water training you will do your first and second open water dives. The open water dives is where you will show the instructor some of the skills that you were taught in the confined water part of the class. The third and final day of consists your final academics examination and the last two Open Water Dives. On these last two open water dives you will perform more of the skills for the Instructor that you have learned in confined water training. You "WILL" be a Padi Open Water Diver.  

      Another type of training is called a referral completion. A referral is where you start your training at home, complete your academics and your pool training than complete your four open water dives here in Hawaiian warm waters. The academics and pool training takes the most time to complete. Referral completion is only two days, three hours per day. This way you will not have to take three full days from your precious vacation time. Most people come to Hawaii to complete their certification by referral. This way you will be able to use the valuable saved time doing more dives or other activities. We have competitive pricing for a top dive company in Hawaii.

     Being trained by instructors trained by the Padi Association has many advantages. The Padi Association is recognized world-wide. There are offices even Internationally to help you if needed. Help is always just a phone call away no matter where you may be. This is the most professional association available in the world. You will be proud to display your Padi certification card to anyone when you are asked to.


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